Thierry Kok

Ambitious – Positive – Goal Oriented

Life is a practical balance divided into giving and receiving happiness. 

That’s what  I call:

Thierry Kok - Louvre

About Me

Quoting the great speaker Simon Sinek:Start with why.”. Why am I doing what I do? Because I sincerely want to make people happy. I’d like to see myself as a showman or an MC in front of the crowd and at the same time as a conductor leading the orchestra. I feel like the smiling doorman of a hotel, welcoming guests into my lobby. I believe in true hospitality, the practicality of karma and that every negative event may lead or guide you to a new and better place.

Hi, my name is Thierry.  I’m young and fresh, but I started already years ago working on my experience. I like to travel and discover new places, to read and discover new knowledge and to watch movies just for fun. It’s my first life goal to open my own nightclub and it’s my second life goal to find ultimate freedom by becoming financially independent.

Thank you for visiting. I’d love to get to know you better and have a cup of coffee!

I enjoy life to the fullest

I’d love to make you happy


You could call my specialty ‘Hospitality/Retail management’. With over six years of hospitality experience, a Bachelor degree in Hotel Management, managing a supermarket and  a food store, I’m specialized in three things:

– Making guests or customers feel welcome.
– Hands-on managing a team of employees.
– Setting goals based on data and analysis.

My succes is when visitors have had a great experience staying with me.

Website Developing

Since I was in primary school, I have been building websites. While working on it as a hobby, I received more and more requests from friends, and later, business owners to develop a website for them. In 2018 I decided to turn my hobby into an official company and I started ThierryMedia. An agency specialized in building personal- and company websites. If you like this page, you should see the rest.


What’s better than working for your money? Making your money work for you! That’s why every month I pay myself first and use those savings for my  investment portfolio. Mostly, I’m investing in Dutch SMEs generating an average ROI of 12%. I’d like to help you set up a monthly budget or build an investment portfolio. Click to get in contact.